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Do individual garage door openers have same codes?
so my garage door opener got stolen out of my car. It’s a sears craftsman 1/2 hp about 8yrs old, i went and got a new opener from sears, but my question is about my wife’s opener. does it have the same code as the one that got stolen ?or are there different codes for each individual opener? I already reprogrammed the new one and the key pad and all that I’m just wondering if the one that got stolen can still work because it has the same code as my wife. if someone knows about this stuff , thanks in advance.
Update: I only have one door.

Posted by Rob

Admin: All Sears/Craftsman overhead openers manufactured after 1993 store the codes from the handheld/visor clip-on remote controls in the memory of the overhead motor unit. In order to prevent a lost or stolen remote control from being able to open your garage door, you must clear the memory in the overhead unit.

The same red, orange, or green colored “smart/learn” button you used to program the replacement remote control will be used to clear the memory. Press and hold the smart/learn button until the small LED light above the button turns off (approximately 6 seconds). Once the LED turns off, release the button. Test by pressing a button on an existing remote control. The opener will not run. Reprogram your remote controls and keypad, and you can be sure that your garage is secure.

If you would like, you may test the theory by clearing the memory, reprogramming only one of the two remote controls you have so that it is working. Press a button on the other (not yet reprogrammed) remote control, and again, nothing will happen.

After clearing the memory, the opener will only respond to remote control signals that have been reprogrammed. Because all Sears/Craftsman remote controls manufactured after 1993 transmit a code that is specifically unique to each individual transmitter, the stolen remote control will not open your door.