Thursday, 18 July 2024 - 05:05 pm
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Garage Door Remote

Questions and Answers

Amplify garage door signal?
How do I increase my range of my remote garage door opener?

Posted by Ren

Admin: Garage door openers are specifically made so that they can’t be operated from any substantial distance. This is for safety. The idea is that you shouldn’t be able to open or close the door unless it is in your direct view. In the old days you could open some of them from two blocks away. Not a good idea.
Make sure your battery in the remote is fresh. If the remote is older than about ten years, it may need replacement.


How do you reprogram garage door openers are replace remotes?
I just recently moved into a new house and it came with a garage door opener, however the gentleman I bought it from said the previous owner didn’t supply him with the code or the remotes. How would I go about replacing and fixing those?

Posted by Elly

Admin: Get the model and serial numbers from the door opener, then contact the company who made it, who should also be written or stamped somewhere on the door opener. The manufacturer should have all the information you need. Or buy a new door opener, they are not very expensive.