Thursday, 18 July 2024 - 04:41 pm
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Garage Door Spring

Questions and Answers

Can automatic garage door open without spring?
I got the automatic garage door opener replaced a month ago. About a week ago the spring broke. I ended up removing the broken spring. At this point I have one spring working. The garage door still opens and closes automatically for me. What is the purpose of these springs and will the garage continue to open automatically if I don’t fix the one spring?

Posted by Ab

Admin: The springs are there to counteract the weight of the door. If one spring is broken, the other does all the work and could eventually bend or warp your door, unless it breaks first. It will also wear out your new door opener. Your best bet is to have the broken spring replaced. If it’s not a wind up (torsion) spring, you can do this yourself. It’s called an extension spring. When you replace one spring, you should ALWAYS replace the other spring at the same time.


Would a new garage door opener include springs?
I got my garage door opener replaced less than a month ago and one day while I was home I heard something loud. It appears that it was a spring on the side of the garage door. It cost $350 to replace the electric opener. More than likely I suspect springs were not replaced and will be an extra expense. With my electric garage door opener being installed were springs included or not?

Posted Ram

Admin: Garage door springs are part of the garage door system. The garage door will work without the electric opener, but the springs are just a counter weight to the door. The springs are not a consideration when changing the door opener. More info can be found on the link below.