Thursday, 18 July 2024 - 03:45 pm
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Questions and Answers

Garage door wont close ?
I have an access master garage door. When i hit the clicker to close it will go down a little then raise back up and the motor part makes a clicking sound several time ( sounds like a car turn signal clicking) how can I fix this?

Posted by Derik

Admin: Make sure there are no objects in between the sensors blocking the beam.
or Bad wiring can also cause the sensors to fail. Most sensors have a couple of feet of wire which are spliced into a larger piece of wire that runs to the opener. You can try shaking the wires to see if the led on the sensor flickers. If it does, this connection may be faulty. Unplug the garage door opener from power before attempting repair. You’ll need wire cutters and some electrical tape. Re-splice the wires making sure that you observe polarity, so hook it up the same way it was. Tape up the connections so that they can’t short out. Don’t forget to plug the garage door opener back in. If you’re sure the connections are good but the led still flickers when you shake the wires the sensor itself may have a problem. In that case of course it would need replacement.


What should i do about a dent on a garage door?
my friend was backing my car and made a very small dent on someone’s garage door. what should I do about it?

Posted by Rick

Admin: Garage doors are typically made from 24-28 gauge steel, so even the slightest dent will weaken the section. You maybe able to massage the dent out, but if it is severe it is recommended to at least, add a strut to that section for reinforcement. Otherwise every time that section crosses the radius it will weaken, causing unnecessary damage to the door. Depending on how old the section and who the manufacture of the door, you may be able to purchase a replacement section. These sections can sometimes be expensive and a lot of door companies may not tell you that it could be cheaper to replace the entire door. I’m sorry that this happened, but hopefully you can just massage it out. More helpful tips on the link below.