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Garage Door Problems?
I need to press the garage door button twice in order to close the door. The remote will open door, but will not close it. Someone please help me locate the problem.

Posted by Ser

Admin: If you must press the wall button twice, or if constant pressure on the button is the only way for your to close the door, then you have a safety sensor issue. The safety sensors are small “camera like” devices on either side of the door way near the floor.

Make sure they are aligned properly, and that both indicator lights (LEDs) on the sensors are lit:

1. If one light is on and the other light is off, realign the sensor that is off.
2. If both are off, you may have a wiring problem. You can test for this by cutting the sensor wires about 8 to 10 inches from each sensor. Take them out of the brackets, bring them up to the back of the overhead unit, and wire them in directly to the terminals – depending on the type of terminals you have, the two black striped wires (one from each sensor) go to terminal #3 or the gray/black terminal, and the two plain white wires go to terminal #2 or the plain white terminal. Once wired in, if you point them “nose to nose”, both sensor lights should turn on. If they do, then you have a wiring problem. If they still do not light up, then you have a bad sensor. Contact the manufacturer (or a local garage door repair company) to purchase replacements.


How to replace a garage door outside keypad?
My garage door keypad is not working and the battery is new.

Posted Qey

Admin: A garage door outside keypad is very easy to replace. If you know that it is not a bad battery, then you can buy a replacement universal keypad or a brand made for your opener. Simply follow the programming directions (you may need to get on a ladder and hold a button on the opener unit while you do the programming), unscrew the keypad from the wall, and screw the new one in the same spot. For a beginner, the whole process should take less than 15 minutes. (You may need to drill new holes if the screws on the new keypad do not match the ones from the old one.)